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2 Jul 2013 . Types hollow block slab are one way and two way slabs . . ACI 318 ECP 203 BS 8110 Euro code 2 Comparison between different codes 6; 7.

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24 Apr 2015 . hollow block slab can be one way or two way slabs . . British code (BS 8110) Limitations of Hollow block slabs : • Clear distance . Limitations of Hollow block slabs & Ribbed slab: American Concrete Institute (ACI) • When.

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17 Sep 2010 . Ribbed slabs, which are two-way spanning and are constructed with . Near to the supports the hollow blocks are stopped off and the slab is made solid. .. cracking of the concrete, codes of practice specify detail such as the.

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Slab Two Way H.Hollow Blocks Slabs One way H.B. . . 0 m Three Cross Ribs .25m – 0.0m (Roofs With Hidden beams) Cross Rib Requirements Live Loads.

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2012 One-Way Hollow Block Slabs ts t RC Design 2 . 2012 Cross ribs . Top reinforcement = ½ bottom reinforcement In top slab In Cross rib 16 8 .Monday.

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2. Design of hollow block and ribbed slabs. PART I One way ribbed slabs .. Shrinkage Reinforcement Ratio According to ACI Code and for fy =420 MPa ACI.

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Lecture L t 2 Design of hollow block and ribbed slabs . One way ribbed slabs may be used for spans up to 6 .s two-way ribbed slabs If the ribs are provided .. Shrinkage Reinforcement Ratio According to ACI Code and for fy =420 MPa ACI 7.

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of economy of material, especially of steel, the two-way slab is often best because of . Hollow-tile slabs are still built in some places, but only where the cost of .. ACI Code 9.5.2 specifies the minimum thickness in Table 1 for .. At the interior support, if the stress-block depth a = 1.00 in., the area of steel required per foot of.

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2 Jul 2015 . 1:05:36. Ribbed Slab ( hollow block ) - Duration: 5:17. عبدالاله تدمري 9,989 views · 5:17 · Concrete Slab Foundation - Process & Best Practices.

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optimum quantities, rebar percentage, concrete slabs, cost estimation, quantity surveying. . the simplified design methods stated in most reinforced concrete design codes. . Figure (1) shows the typical detail of solid slabs in ACI-315. . Hollow block slab could be either one way or two ways. . Rib spacing is about 0.5m.

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multiplier, etc on the minimum thickness requirements of a two-way slab, . deflection control provisions of ACI 318 section 9.5, concerning two-way slabs.

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3 Apr 2013 . Ribbed Slab ( hollow block ) - Duration: 5:17. عبدالاله تدمري 9,989 views · 5:17 · البلاطات المعصبة (السقف الهردي) في الإتجاهين مرفق شرح مفصل.

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In addition, the scope of this study is to design one-way ribbed slab and two-way . Malaysia while other codes such as from US, Japan, Germany and Australia are . removable forms, hollow block or permanent or removable void formers [6]. .. Symposium on Advances in Concrete Technology, CANMET/ACI, Athens,.

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Eleven one-way simply supported slabs comprised three as reference slabs (solid slabs) and eight as hollow block slabs with two cases of reduction in cross.

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5 Jun 2002 . plain concrete only, or stone with plain concrete and hollow block. .. Single- or two-way ribbed slabs with hollow blocks. Please ... of codes of adjacent countries like Jordan, Syria, Egypt or other international codes like ACI,.

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one way or another during my stay at Addis Ababa University as a graduate program student. . 2. STABILITY OF COLUMNS IN RIBBED OR FLAT SLAB FRAME SYSTEM .. state specified on EBCS and ACI code of practice. . conventional available hollow concrete block size results its limitation on the concrete slab.

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one-way and two-way ribbed slabs, flat slabs and stairways. It also covers design for . Reinforced Concrete Elements in Accordance with ACI 318M-. 05, ACI SP-17M(09), . 3- Design of stairs, flat slabs, hollow block slabs, and long columns.

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slab; formwork construction, placing hollow bricks or blocks or .. reinforcement in two ways in a solid slab . The code suggested also that formwork . Hollow (Ribbed) floors are floors eco- .. Concrete Istitute (ACI) committee 302.1R. USA.

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construction between the solid and hollow slabs but the difference is not appreciable. .. ways in a solid slab is the aspect that affects cost. . The code suggested also that formwork should not be . Hollow (Ribbed) floors are floors economically ... Flat slab. 3.65. 2. Hollow clay pot 3.24. 3. Hollow block. 2.80. 4. Waffle floor.

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The application and design of precast, prestressed hollow core slabs is similar to . cause of the way the slabs are produced or because of the application of the slabs. . PCI Design Handbook and the ACI Building Code should be consulted for ... A. = Cross-sectional area a. = Depth of equivalent compression stress block.